BRAVE B-Continuous

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BRAVE B-Continuous

  • Sensor for real-time online nanoparticle characterization

  • Monitors particle size, number-based particle size distribution, particle concentration during production

  • Detects ultra-low concentrations, aggregates and large-particle tails

  • Provides measuring results 24/7

  • Detection range: 50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent)

Take your production to the next level with BRAVE B-Continuous

Imagine what it would be like to revolutionize the production processes of your company like never before and to save time and resources as well as reduce out-of-spec production and increase efficiency. Too good to be true? We don’t think so.

BRAVE B-Continuous is the first true PAT sensor for real-time online nanoparticle characterization. It monitors particle size, number-based particle size distributions and particle concentration during production  while delivering measurements directly to your network. Thanks to BRAVE B-Continuous, waiting for the results from  samples sent to the lab is reduced to a minimum. This sensor lays the foundation for real-time release testing.  

This is how BRAVE B-Continuous revolutionizes your production as an online PAT sensor

As BRAVE B-Continuous can be easily embedded into your production plant as a fully automated PAT sensor you can monitor your production continuously and in real-time. This way you obtain exact measurement data regarding particle size, number-based particle size distribution and particle concentration without the need to rely on sample analysis from the laboratory. With the continuous measurement data from BRAVE B-Continuous you can optimize and adapt your production constantly.

With BRAVE B-Continuous:

You can reduce rejects as you now have total control of the particle sizes and are able to continuously monitor and adjust them.

You don't need to wait for lab test results and can optimize your processes in real-time. Measurement data is visible on your network in a matter of seconds.

You obtain a better understanding of your production processes, as you constantly collect precious data for process optimization.

You are able to monitor the health of your production plant and carry out maintenance in good time.

You ensure the quality of your final product, as anomalies, aggregates and oversized particles will be identified.

You can integrate checks on the filtration and dilution systems

You establish a basis for RTRT (Real-Time Release Testing).

You can fully concentrate on your other duties knowing that your production is doing as it should and the quality of your product is guaranteed.

Monitor and control your production processes

The monitoring and control of production processes reach new heights with BRAVE B-Continuous: it provides single-particle sensitivity, delivers complete sizing histograms and even detects large-particle counts. Interim testing of your samples in the lab loses its urgency; you can rely on BRAVE B-Continuous to minimize the risk of out-of-spec production.

The features of BRAVE B-Continuous in a nutshell

What does BRAVE B-Continuous measure?

Particle size measurement with single-particle sensitivity

Particle size distribution (with actual D-Values)

Particle concentration (down to a few particles per milliliter)

Large-particle tails, LPC, oversized particles and outliers

Full sizing histogram, even of complex polydisperse systems

Send us your sample – and we’ll do the rest

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The challenges of analyzing particle size during production

The idea of monitoring particle sizes inline and/or online is not new – or easy to implement. In-process measurement means in-flow measurement, and this brings a number of challenges for the established methods of particle characterization, which rely on measuring Brownian motion to gain results (like Dynamic Light Scattering or Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis). There are three challenges inherent in in-process particle characterization that do not pose a problem for BRAVE B-Continuous.

The challenge of
the volume of flow

The problem

Process analytics need to be representative. The measured value over time has to represent the product at the moment it has been measured. Conventional light scattering methods fail to consider sufficient volume to be representative of all the particle populations present.

The solution

BRAVE B-Continuous measures up to 3000 particles per minute with single-particle sensitivity in order to deliver statistically valid results for all the particle populations present.

The challenge of
changing concentration

The problem

To complicate things even more, process analytics need to deal with changes in the concentration of the product. Bottom-up production processes start out with very low concentration for particle onsets / particle formations whereas top-down production processes tend to increase the particle concentration. This behavior limits lots of characterization approaches.

The solution

BRAVE Analytics has chosen an online not inline approach: BRAVE B-Continuous continuously takes a small sample via a bypass system and then automatically prepares the concentration for a subsequent statistically valid measurement.

The challenge of
the speed of flow

The problem

Measurement directly inline is difficult due to the rapid movement of the particles. Methods based on evaluating the Brownian motion of particles (i.e. dynamic light scattering, nanoparticle tracking analysis) have only milliseconds to record the light scattering before the particle(s) in question have moved on. Particle movement due to Brownian motion is hardly obtainable as a detailed picture valid for the whole particle population.

The solution

As OF2i® is not based on detecting and analyzing Brownian motion, values are determined instantaneously and in real-time. Results are representative for the whole particle population present in the flow cell.

Applications: BRAVE B-Continuous is a game changer for many industries

BRAVE B-Continuous is suitable for many applications but in particular we see immense potential in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and in biotechnological applications. Being able to control and approve production in real-time will establish BRAVE B-Continuous as a real game changer for these industries.

Examples of use for BRAVE B-Continuous

BRAVE B-Continuous in action

Brave Analytics - OF2i OptoFluidic Force Induction production-scheme of Brave B-Continuous

Increase production efficiency with BRAVE B-Continuous

All of these benefits are possible because OF2i ® our new, patented method for particle size measurement is not restricted by the limits set by Brownian motion. Instead OF2i® uses optofluidic forces and actively transfers momentum to nanoparticles by laser, so the intensity of the scattering and the movement of a single particle as well as the number of particles per transported volume can be measured by an ultramicroscope. This leads to significant advantages for the online measurement of particle size, particle size distribution and particle concentration compared to conventional methods for analyzing nanoparticles.

Structure and specs of BRAVE B-Continuous

Brave Analytics - Brave B-Continuous Rack ohne Tür


Measures number-based, hydrodynamic particle size distribution

For nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions and colloidal formulations:

Measurement time specs:



Bypass continuous sampling:


H.A.N.S. - the software for BRAVE B-Continuous

Back in the very early days of BRAVE Analytics, Christian Hill, now CEO and CTO, needed help counting the particles in many different samples so he enlisted the help of Hans, a lab technician at the Institute for Biophysics at the Medical University of Graz. As not everyone has a Hans to help, our nanoparticle devices now come with H.A.N.S. (High-Throughput Analysis Nano-Characterization Software). This software controls the PAT sensor and delivers measurement reports. H.A.N.S. has understandable workflows and intuitive interfaces as well as preset and definable device parameters for individual application and method development. 

Brave Analytics - Aufnahme von Bildschirm samt H.A.N.S. Software Screen

H.A.N.S. protects, analyzes and reports your data

H.A.N.S. connects to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other industrial process control interfaces like the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) standards. He supports you in your daily work:

H.A.N.S. provides more:

Messprotokoll BRAVE Analytics

Be ahead of the curve (and the competition) with BRAVE B-Continuous

Currently BRAVE B-Continuous is in testing in pilot plants at selected partners from different industries. The official product launch of BRAVE B-Continuous is scheduled for 2024. If you want to get ahead of the competition, contact us for information about collaboration and test installations. We are happy to hear from strategic partners to bravely move forward with us.

You are just one click away from revolutionizing your production!

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