BRAVE B-Continuous PAT sensor at work in Portugal

Date :

September 2023

Tags :

biomaterials,continuousmanufacturing,milestone,nanopat,of2i(en),particle analysis

In September we shipped our prototype PAT sensor BRAVE B-Continuous to Porto for a test installation at the Fluidinova plant as part of the NanoPAT project.

The sensor will be integrated into Fluidinova’s production plant for the online quality control of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals. BRAVE B-Continuous will be analyzing batches and giving insights into the status of production for a few weeks before we bring it back home.

Fluidinova team and BRAVE installation team on-site
Discussions during installation of BRAVE B-Continuous at Fluidinova plant
Connecting BRAVE B-Continuous to the Fluidinova tank
Starting the software for BRAVE B-Continuous at Fluidinova plant