BRAVE B-Curious

Monitor (nano)particle behavior in real-time

If common methods of particle analysis aren’t up to the challenge and you want a deeper understanding of particle behavior, you are now just one click away from revolutionizing your measurement.
Get in touch, we’ll organize measurements on your sample(s) and send you a detailed measurement report in a first (non-binding) step to a feasibility study.
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Investigate nanoparticles like never before with BRAVE B-Curious

Do you want to make groundbreaking discoveries and gain deep insights into your samples? With BRAVE B-Curious you have the perfect tool for these discoveries. You will get nanoparticle characterization results like never before. Prepare to be surprised: conventional methods of particle analysis like DLS, NTA or Laser Diffraction only show a fraction of what the revolutionary technology of BRAVE B-Curious can measure. The patented OF2i® method gives you detailed insights into all the particle populations of your sample and tracks changes in nanoparticle size distributions and particle concentrations in real-time and continuously. You will get a better understanding of particle behavior and learn more about the processes. All measurement results are representative and statistically relevant. As a true pioneer you can raise your research to a new level with BRAVE B-Curious.

BRAVE B-Curious

  • Benchtop nanoparticle analyzer for particle concentration measurement and continuous, time-resolved nanoparticle characterization for the laboratory

  • Quicker than conventional methods

  • Measures continuously and in real-time; proven throughput up to 1000 particles/minute

  • 100 % representative results, even for complex, polydisperse systems

  • An automated self-cleaning cycle takes approx. 30 seconds

  • Detection range: 50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent, smaller sizes on request, large-particle module up to 50 µm is planned)

This is how BRAVE B-Curious revolutionizes your research as a lab device

Everyone who has worked with the conventional methods for nanoparticle characterization in the lab already is familiar with the feeling of discontent – or even frustration – resulting from the limits of measurability. Dynamic Light Scattering, Nanoparticle tracking Analysis and Laser Diffraction only allow limited insights into the actual particle behavior and typically struggle to measure ultra-low particle concentrations. Get ready for BRAVE B-Curious, which lets you analyze particle behavior continuously and in real-time over minutes and hours. The results have single-particle sensitivity based on measurement of up to 1000 particles per minute. This makes them statistically relevant and representative of the whole particle population.  With this time-resolved approach you can monitor kinetic processes like aggregation, condensate formation, agglomeration, dissolution or dissociation and analyze them in real-time and in one continuous measurement.

With BRAVE B-Curious you can:

BRAVE B-Curious: one device, many solutions

BRAVE B-Curious helps you overcome many of the limitations of conventional methods. For the first time ever, you can monitor particles in real-time and continuously over a time period you define. You get unprecedented insights into your processes and the behavior of particle populations – an open door to groundbreaking discoveries.

The features of BRAVE B-Curious in a nutshell

What does BRAVE B-Curious measure?

Particle size distribution (actual D-values)

Sample behavior such as dissolution, dissociation, condensate formation, crystallization and protein-protein interactions

Anomalies, aggregates, large-particle tails and other oversized particles

Particle concentrations (even down to a few particles per milliliter)

Particle size with single-particle sensitivity

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Get in touch, we’ll organize measurements on your sample(s) and send you a detailed measurement report.
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BRAVE B-Curious is as individual as science itself

We built BRAVE B-Curious as a modular platform, so you can configure it to perfectly suit your needs. Our experts will work together with you on a custom-tailored setup. Your BRAVE B-Curious will be aligned with your needs and ideal for your research – with the possibility of future upgrades and additional modules at a later date.

Brave B-Curious - Sensormodul und Bildschirm mit H.A.N.S. Screen

The BRAVE modules

Module for concentration determination

Allows the detection of ultra-low concentrations (e.g. nanoplastics or water for injections) at particle concentrations down to a few particles per milliliter.

Module for time-resolved sizing

Allows the monitoring of PSD continuously and directly out of containers. This way you can monitor sample behavior such as agglomeration, formation, dissolution, aggregation, dissociation, self-assembly and more. Detection range: 50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent)

Module for size range extension

Allows the detection of large-particle tails, LPC, aggregation behaviors and anomalies. Detection range: 50 nm* to 50 µm* (*sample-dependent)

Module for particle analytics

Allows the identification and characterization of particle populations via Raman spectroscopy. Adding this module makes a BRAVE B-Elementary device.

Module for low-volume sizing

Allows the determination of PSD from low volumes, starting at 20 µl (sample-dependent)

Module for Raman tweezers

Allows the trapping of particle populations for characterization with Raman spectroscopy. Adding this module makes a BRAVE B-Elementary device.

Applications: BRAVE B-Curious in research

BRAVE B-Curious is the ideal instrument for groundbreaking research in the field of nanoparticle characterization and offers a new approach. You obtain unprecedented insights into particle behavior, sample processes and a complete overview of the particle populations. 

Applications for BRAVE B-Curious

This is how OF2i® raises your research to a new level

BRAVE B-Curious implements a new approach to particle analysis: OF2i®. This new principle of particle characterization uses opto-fluidic forces to accelerate, decelerate, trap or even redirect nanoparticles. OF2i® (OptoFluidic Force Induction) allows you to measure particle size, particle size distributions and particle concentrations more exactly than ever before – with single-particle sensitivity and statistical relevance. Unlike established methods, the  patented OF2i® method is not dependent on Brownian motion. With OF2i® you measure continuously and in real-time and can even resolve complex, polydisperse systems.

H.A.N.S. - the software for BRAVE B-Curious

Let us introduce you to H.A.N.S. (High-throughput Analysis Nano-characterization Software) installed on our BRAVE B-Curious products. H.A.N.S. is named after Hans, a lab technician at the Medical University of Graz who helped manually count particles during the early development phase (Thanks, Hans!). Just like the real Hans, the H.A.N.S. software is structured and straightforward. All workflows are intuitive to use. The software allows individual application and method development and comes with preset and definable device parameters.
Brave Analytics - Aufnahme von Bildschirm samt H.A.N.S. Software Screen

Neat and complete analysis with H.A.N.S.

The software contains three main control assets:

H.A.N.S. supports you with:

Messprotokoll BRAVE Analytics
Brave Analytics - Graph zu Methodenvergleich OF2iBrave Analytics - Graph zu Methodenvergleich OF2i

See nanoparticles as never before with BRAVE B-Curious

In its development phase, BRAVE B-Curious was already in use by some selected partners at universities and research institutes. As of March 2023 you can order your own BRAVE B-Curious. Contact us or book a live demonstration and we will answer all your questions. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make groundbreaking discoveries!

You are just one click away from revolutionizing your research!

BRAVE B-Curious compared to conventional methods for particle measurement

A number of methods for particle characterization are available. These all have their advantages and disadvantages and are suited for different areas of application. BRAVE B-Curious with the patented OF2i® method has a number of advantages over conventional approaches.

BRAVE B-CURIOUS vs Laser diffraction

Laser diffraction is one of the most commonly used methods for particle characterization in the laboratory, mainly because it is so versatile. However, laser diffraction does have some drawbacks. Using the OF2i® principle brings the following benefits compared to laser diffraction.


Electron microscopes deliver impressive high-resolution images. Despite offering in-depth analysis, BRAVE B-Curious still has benefits compared to this method of particle analysis.


If you are used to measuring your samples with Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, OF2i® brings you the following benefits:


If you are used to analyzing particles with Dynamic Light Scattering, you can look forward to next-level results and benefits such as: