BRAVE B-Elementary

Continuous in-flow Raman analysis

Although Raman microscopes have been improved over the years to provide easier particle analysis and a degree of automation,  the drawbacks remain. We bring you BRAVE B-Elementary which takes you a giant leap forward so you can enjoy Raman spectra recorded continuously and in-flow on a single-particle basis with minimum sample preparation. 

Raman analysis for people who hate sample preparation

BRAVE B-Elementary takes the hassle out of Raman analysis of particles. Depending on your sample, you might not even need to filter before starting analysis. You just load the sample into the device and press “Start”. BRAVE B-Elementary is the perfect tool for gaining insights into large sample volumes, e.g. for non-target screening on groundwater samples. It opens the door to particle analytics like never before. 

BRAVE B-Elementary

  • Benchtop Raman analyzer for detecting and identifying particles (substance, phase, polymorphs)

  • Minimum sample preparation: saves you time

  • Analyzes continuously and in real-time directly in the sample flow

  • Statistically relevant results on up to 120 particles per minute with single-particle accuracy

  • An automated self-cleaning cycle takes approx. 30 seconds

  • Particle size : 500 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent)

This is how BRAVE B-Elementary revolutionizes your particle analysis

Anyone who has ever worked with conventional Raman microscopes knows that a lot of time is spent filtering the sample and applying it to the substrate. Results come at a cost and time spent on sample preparation would be better spent elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate tedious sample preparation and get straight to the chemical analysis part?

Enter BRAVE B-Elementary, the Raman analyzer which works directly from the sample vial and lets you analyze particles continuously and in-flow for minutes and even hours at a time. Sample is automatically pumped through the measuring cell, Raman spectra are recorded and the results delivered to your PC via the H.A.N.S. software. An additional determination of number-based particle size and particle concentration is also available. 

With BRAVE B-Elementary you can:

BRAVE particle analytics: one platform, many solutions

BRAVE B-Elementary makes Raman analysis easier than ever before. Your sample analysis will run without you, meaning you are free to get on with other work. 

The features of BRAVE B-Elementary in a nutshell

What does BRAVE B-Elementary analyze?


Inorganic substances

Organic substances


Medicines e.g. nanocarriers

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BRAVE B-Elementary is part of a modular platform

We build our BRAVE devices as a modular platform, so you can configure your system to perfectly suit your needs. Our experts will work together with you on a custom-tailored setup. Your BRAVE analyzer will be aligned with your work requirements – with the possibility of future upgrades and additional modules at a later date.

Brave B-Curious - Sensormodul und Bildschirm mit H.A.N.S. Screen

The BRAVEst modules of them all

Module for concentration determination

The BRAVE B-Curious device allows the detection and measurement of particles at ultra-low concentrations down to a few particles per milliliter.

Module for time-resolved sizing

This BRAVE B-Curious module allows the monitoring of PSD continuously and directly out of containers. You can monitor sample behavior such as agglomeration, formation, dissolution, aggregation, dissociation, self-assembly and more. Detection range: 50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent)

Module for size range extension

This BRAVE B-Curious module allows the detection of large-particle tails, LPC, aggregation behaviors and anomalies. Detection range: 50 nm* to 50 µm* (*sample-dependent)

Module for particle analytics

This BRAVE B-Elementary module allows the identification and characterization of particle populations via Raman spectroscopy.

Module for low-volume sizing

This BRAVE B-Curious module allows the determination of PSD from low volumes, starting at 20 µl (sample-dependent)

Module for Raman tweezers

This BRAVE B-Elementary module allows the trapping of particle populations for characterization with Raman spectroscopy.

Applications: BRAVE B-Elementary in action

BRAVE B-Curious is the ideal instrument for routine chemical analysis for non-specialists. For people with application knowledge it is an excellent tool for gaining explorative insights.

Applications for BRAVE B-Elementary

Discover first-hand the benefits of OF2i®-Raman

BRAVE B-Elementary is currently in its testing and growing phase. Do you have a challenge that we could take on? Are you interested to see how BRAVE B-Elementary could improve your Raman workflows? We look forward to hearing from you.