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particle analytics

OptoFluidic Force Induction

Eureka! With OF2i® we bravely march into a new era of particle measurement. See nanoparticles like never before, analyze them continuously in real-time and receive representative measurement results.

BRAVE B-Continuous

BRAVE B-Continuous is directly integrated into the manufacturing process as an online PAT sensor. It monitors your production in real-time, faster and more accurately than ever before.

BRAVE B-Curious

BRAVE B-Curious revolutionizes the measurement of particle size, PSD and particle concentration and provides additional Raman analysis on a single-particle basis.

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A BRAVE new approach to particle analysis

BRAVE Analytics develops and delivers lab and PAT solutions for particle characterization in water and environmental analysis, for biotech applications and the pharmaceutical industry.
Customers come to us:

We have a patented and innovative measurement technology: OptoFluidic Force Induction (OF2i®) which is available combined with in-flow Raman analysis and can be coupled to an ICP-MS for complementary particle analysis.

Particle analytics
with OF2i + Raman

BRAVE Analytics introduces its particle analysis device which determines particle size and particle concentration and provides Raman analysis - continuously, in-flow and on a single-particle basis.

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OptoFluidic Force Induction

The new and patented OptoFluidic Force Induction is the result of years of research and development. Our groundbreaking technology for (nano-)particle measurement heralds a new era of nanoparticle characterization. With OF2i® you can:

Particles size, particle size distributions and particle concentrations can be analyzed faster and more accurately than ever before. OF2i® goes beyond the limitations of conventional methods for particle characterization such as DLS or NTA. It also detects ultra-low particle concentrations and measures from low sample volumes (from 20 µL). With the OF2i® devices there is the option of adding Raman analysis for detecting and identifying nanoparticles and microplastics. The technology also sets the foundation for a move to real-time release testing in production processes.


This is what our customers and partners say about us

OF2i® is lightyears ahead

Unmatched features.

Measures more quickly.

OF2i® delivers results quicker than conventional methods and has an automated cleaning routine.

Measures more accurately.

Get particle size, particle size distribution and particle concentration with single-particle sensitivity.

Measures continuously.

OF2i® delivers a seamless and continuous analysis of particle behavior.

Measures more.

Analyze polydisperse systems, ultra-low concentrations, aggregates, anomalies and large-particle tails.

Send us your sample(s) – and we’ll do the rest

Find out whether OF2i® measurements are the answer to your particle challenges!
Get in touch, we’ll organize measurements on your sample(s) and send you a detailed measurement report. This is the first (non-binding) step to a feasibility study. Open the door to deeper insights today!

PAT sensor for 24/7 monitoring of production

The OF2i® principle will soon be available as a PAT solution for continuous online monitoring of (nano)particles during production. The BRAVE B-Continuous PAT sensor, which launches in 2024, runs 24/7 and lays the foundation for RTRT (Real-Time Release Testing).

BRAVE B-Continuous opens the door to:

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Why OF2i®?


Uses induced motion as a revolutionary measurement principle.


Measures up to 3000 particles per minute and delivers a live data stream.


Provides measurement results based on single-particle sensitivity.


Delivers statistically valid results and not just average values.


Integrates into your production process as an online PAT sensor or into your laboratory workflows as a benchtop analyzer.


Delivers measurement data continuously and in real-time over a time you define (lab device) or 24/7 (PAT sensor).

Continuous & time-resolved particle analysis

With our OF2i® nanoparticle analyzer for the lab BRAVE B-Curious you can monitor sample changes as they occur in the measuring cell. BRAVE B-Curious measures up to 2500 particles per minute and delivers results representative of the whole particle population.

Track particle concentration and particle size over time to better understand sample kinetics such as:

After measurement, BRAVE B-Curious uses an automated self-cleaning cycle to save you time and effort.
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BRAVE B-Continuous

Monitors & analyzes particle size, number-based particle size distribution and particle concentration during production.

Detects ultra-low particle concentrations, aggregates and large-particle tails. 

Provides results 24/7.

Ideal for polydisperse systems, nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions and colloidal formulations. 

Provides data for predictive maintenance.

  • Detection range

    50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent)

  • Concentration range

    min. 106 particles/ml (optimal: ≤1010 particles/ml)

  • Particles measured per minute

    Up to 3000 particles per minute (sample-dependent, expected range)


BRAVE B-Curious

Determines the particle size distributions of polydisperse systems with single-particle sensitivity.

Delivers automated, continuous and time-resolved results.

Detects ultra-low particle concentrations as well as large-particle tails, LPC, anomalies and outliers. 

Ideal for polydisperse systems, nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions and colloidal formulations. 

  • Detection range

    50 nm* to 5 µm* (*sample-dependent, smaller sizes on request, large-particle module up to 50 µm is planned)

  • Concentration range

    min. 106 particles/ml (optimal: ≤1010 particles/ml)

  • Particles measured per minute

    Up to 2500 particles per minute (sample-dependent)

You'd like to see nanoparticles like never before?

Learn more about OF2i®. We will answer all your questions.


Knowledge Base

There are numerous methods for particle characterization and each one has its strengths. In our knowledge base we will take a closer look at each of these methods and explain how they work. We will update the knowledge base regularly with further articles.


Read up about electron microscopes.

Particle measurement

Find an overview of the most common methods for particle measurement.

Laser Diffraction (LD)

Learn everything about the versatile laser diffraction method.

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Learn all about the well-established method for laboratory analysis.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of the NTA method.

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

All about PAT sensors and how they optimize processes.


Brave Industries

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Vaccines, parenteral nutrition, pain killers, infusions

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Beauty & cosmetics

Skin lotions, sunscreens and more

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Medical research

Virus-like particles, lipids, proteins, extracellular vesicles

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Surface coatings, pigments, lacquers

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Environmental analysis

Detection of nanoplastics, waste water analysis

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Nanocomposites for dental care

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There are no dumb questions.

OF2i® integrates directly into the manufacturing process as an online PAT sensor. It continuously delivers measurement data in real-time so you can check, adjust and optimize your production processes.

Our nanoparticle analyzer for the lab BRAVE B-Curious is available to order now. The online PAT sensor BRAVE B-Continuous is currently being optimized and tested together with selected partners and will be available in 2024.

OF2i® has single-particle sensitivity. It can even detect ultra-low particle concentrations, single large particles or outliers, e.g. a few nanoplastic particles in one milliliter of water.

Quickly available measurement data is one of OF2i®’s many strengths. As soon as the measurement starts you can see a live stream of the particles in the H.A.N.S. software and results are ready immediately.

Contact us at We will answer all your questions, offer a live demo either at your site or online and discuss further steps (including: a feasability study, comparison measurements, measuring campaign).

Yes, the lab device measures over minutes and even hours. As a PAT device BRAVE B-Continuous is made for 24-hour operation.

Absolutely. While established methods typcially deliver average values as results, OF2i® delivers number-based values with single-particle sensitivity. These results are statistically valid and representative of all the present particle populations.


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