Particle analytics devices from BRAVE Analytics

We built our BRAVE particle analysis devices as a modular platform which can be configured to suit your requirements. Talk to us about your challenges and we will find the best solution for you. BRAVE instruments can be upgraded with additional modules at a later date. We can also support you in coupling them to your existing instrumentation. Get in touch!

Take a closer look at our three BRAVE devices

BRAVE B-Continuous

PAT device for particle sizing

BRAVE B-Continuous is directly integrated into the manufacturing process as an online PAT sensor. It monitors your production in real-time, faster and more accurately than ever before. Shake off the restraints of offline particle sizing and move towards real-time release testing and more efficient production.

BRAVE B-Curious

Nanoparticle characterization

BRAVE B-Curious revolutionizes the measurement of particle size, PSD and particle concentration in the lab. It provides single-particle sensitivity and continuous results. Adding a BRAVE B-Elementary module gives you additional in-flow Raman analysis.

BRAVE B-Curious + B-Elementary module

Particle sizing + Raman analysis

Adding a BRAVE B-Elementary module to BRAVE B-Curious combines the benefits of OF2i® particle sizing and Raman analysis to determine particle concentration and particle size continuously and identify substances using Raman spectroscopy.

And stay tuned for new developments

Large-particle detection & sizing

Monitoring large-particle counts

Sample handling upgrade

For both lab and PAT

Additional automation upgrade

Cleaning and sample selection