Sold to Med Uni Graz: BRAVE B-Curious nanoparticle analyzer

Date :

June 2023

Tags :

bionanomed(en),customer,of2i(en),particle analysis

One of the first official sales of the benchtop nanoparticle analyzers goes to our neighbors on the Medical University campus.
Professor Tobias Madl and his group have already been using our “beta” device in their research into the signal transduction pathways involved in cell development, ageing, nuclear transport and RNA biogenesis.
They have been using BRAVE B-Curious to observe the early processes of biomolecular condensate formation and visualize the formation and size distribution of proteins as they change over time.

Monitoring dynamic processes of proteins
Time-resolved PSD: Particle formation processes during liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) with low (left) and high (right) RNA concentrations

Professor Madl explains the challenges:

“As the small condensates we are interested in cannot be detected with microscopy their study remains a blind spot. The OF2i technology invented by BRAVE Analytics promises to close this gap and to provide unprecedented insights into the processes driving early condensate formation and targeting of condensates.”

BRAVE B-Curious provides a dynamic approach to particle characterization and delivers results from only 100 µl sample volume.

Learn more about particle analysis in biocondensate and LLPS research.