Powerful particle characterization with OF2i®-Raman-SP-ICP-ToF-MS

The continuous OF2i® method of (nano)particle characterization uniquely delivers number-based particle sizes with single-particle sensitivity and has been successfully partnered with Raman analysis for deep insights into particle properties. With our partners spanning three Graz-based universities we went a step further and tested a new hyphenated technique for particle analytics: OF2i-Raman coupled with an ICP-ToF-MS.

How does it work?

We already paired OF2i® with Raman analysis in the BRAVE Analytics lab. To try out this new hyphenated method we worked together with our partners at the University of Graz and Technical University of Graz. We had a great time figuring this all out! For a deep dive, read the scientific paper in Analytical Chemistry.

Three complementary methods

The BRAVE lab device BRAVE B-Elementary which unites particle sizing and Raman analysis was coupled to an ICP-ToF-MS to work on a proof of concept for this hyphenation method.

We optically trapped individual particles on a weakly focused vortex laser beam by aligning a microfluidic flow antiparallelly to the laser propagation direction. The position of particles in this optical trap depended on the hydrodynamic diameter and therefore enabled size calibration as well as matrix elimination. Additionally, laser light scattered on particles was analyzed in a single particle (SP) Raman spectroscopy setup for the identification of particulate species and phases. Finally, particles were characterized regarding elemental composition and their distributions in mass and size using SP ICP-ToF-MS. (Reference 1)

Schematic of the combined methods OF2i, Raman, ICP-MS

Why combine OF2i®-Raman with ICP-MS?

ICP-MS is a technique which lends itself to combination with other technologies. What happens when ICP-MS meets the BRAVE methods?

Benefits of hyphenation

Combining these technologies brings many benefits:

Interested in testing this new hyphenated approach?

BRAVE Analytics has the particle sizing and Raman devices and we can help you set up your own coupled OF2i®-Raman-ICP-MS. Do you have a particle analytics challenge we could take on? We look forward to hearing from you!

BRAVE devices for hyphenation with ICP-MS

Particle sizing and concentration determination is delivered by our OF2i® device BRAVE B-Curious  Adding a Raman module makes the setup a BRAVE B-Elementary.  

Particle sizing with BRAVE B-Curious

The BRAVE B-Curious nanoparticle analyzer revolutionizes the measurement of particle size, particle size distributions and particle concentration in the lab on a single-particle basis.

BRAVE B-Curious implements the OF2i® principle to optically capture individual particles with a weakly focused laser beam. This is done by aligning a microfluidic flow – a flow system for tiny amounts of liquid in microscopically small channels or channel systems – against the direction of the laser.

The position of the particles in this optical trap depends on their hydrodynamic diameter, which makes it possible to determine their size and eliminate impurities.

Raman analysis with BRAVE B-Elementary

You can add Raman analysis to the particle sizing device. In addition to the OF2i® measurement, the laser light scattered by the particles is analyzed using a single-particle Raman spectroscopy system to identify the chemical properties of the particles. 

Your BRAVE B-Curious can be upgraded with the Raman module to make a BRAVE B-Elementary at any time later.

Elemental analysis with ICP-ToF-MS

With this new hyphenated approach, the particles are analyzed first with OF2i® and Raman for particle sizing and identification of substances. Subsequently the particles are introduced into a mass spectroeter (ICP-ToF-MS) to determine their elemental composition as well as their mass and size distribution.

The ICP-MS is not available directly from BRAVE Analytics. However, we can support you in setting up your own system. 

Laboratory equipment

Do you have a new hyphenated approach in mind?

BRAVE Analytics is open to testing new combinations and getting involved in research projects. Do you have an interesting idea? Get in touch for some brainstorming with our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!